Y.S. Chung

GrandMaster Yun Sung Chung was born in Seoul, Korea and began his taekwondo at the age of 12. By the finish of his high school years, he had earned the rank of Black Belt in both taekwondo and judo. As a college student, GrandMaster Chung trained in a third martial art: Hapkido. When the Vietnam war started, his college education was interuppted when he enlisted in the Republic of Korea (ROK) Marines. After serving his time in the military as a combat instructor for special forces, GrandMaster Chung completed his education with a degree in business.

GrandMaster Chung came to the United States (U.S.) in 1971 to begin teaching self-defense to the U.S. Military in Fort Riley, Kansas. He was enchanted with the geography and the people of this country and traveled extensively with the eagerness to learn and understand American Culture. Topeka, Kansas was his next perosnal assignment to work with GrandMaster In Mook Kim. At this time, GrandMaster Chung was spending countless hours in training and meeting instructors across the nation. In March 1976, he moved to Montgomery, Alabama and opened Chung's Academy of Taekwondo.

Although newspaper clippings refer to him as the "Tough, Powerful Ex-Marine", GrandMaster Chung admits his most rewarding times in the martial arts have come from teaching students and especially children the values and techniques of Taekwondo. "My Goal is to help children build a strong character in a positive environement. Teaching discipline and coordination is a challenge I enjoy. As an instructor of taekwondo, I'm constantly reminded that personal success comes from helping others reach their goals."