Master Chang
Bae Yi

Master Yi began his taekwondo in 1983 under the instruction of his uncle, 8th Degree Black Belt, GrandMaster Kim in Texas. GrandMaster Chung, Master Yi's future instructor, was also a student of GrandMaster Kim. In 1989 Master Yi would eventually move to Alabama and seek instruction under GrandMaster Chung. At the age of 24, Master Chang Bae Yi, along with his brother Chang Won, opened Athens Taekwondo Center in Athens, GA in 1992. Master Yi taught in the Athens area for over 20 years. He was Master Barnett's first taekwondo teacher, and helped develop countless martial artest over the years. Master Yi's constant positive outlook on life and the marital arts is infectous, to know him is to love him. His style has heavily influenced Master Barnett as a teacher and human being. Master Yi's famous catch phrase "You can do it!!" is well known as a source of motivation for all that know him. He is under the firsm belief that if you give all of your heart, it will come back to you.