Get to know us

BTA Lineage

BTA was founded at its current location in 2004 by Master Dr. David Barnett in Athens, Georgia. Master Dr. Barnett started his Taekwondo journey under Master Chang Bae Yi along with his wife Johnetta Barnett, and two sons, Curtis and Chris Barnett. Master Dr. Barnett past down the school to his son Master Curtis Barnett, a renowned National and International Taekwondo Champion, with a 4th degree black belt and have been practicing the art for over 37 years. 

Master Curtis Barnett’s taekwondo teaching the legacy of his father, Master Dr. David Barnett, Master Chang Bae Ye, and Grant Master Chung (see above link for more information). After taking over the school, Master Barnett has had the opportunity to work with and instruct countless students and athletes. It is his personal goal to help as many people as he can via the legacy BTA and continue the lineage of BTA to the next generation.

BTA Values

We celebrate everyone who walks into the door and steps on the mat. At the school, we value respect and gratitude to those who cares and loves you.

As a taekwondo school, we create a positive environment where each student go on their individual taekwondo journey filled with self discovery, which in time help our student to build confidence, and compassion. This is a journey where student will, over time, see improvement in physical fitness as well as mental resilience. Although Taekwondo it's a journey of self discovery, no one in the dojang (school) is doing this alone, our Taekwondo family is always there to cheer each other on.