Upcoming Events at a Glance


January 27th

Seminar ( ITF & WTF Forms)



February  10th

AAU GA State Qualifier / Valentine's Day Present Night Out 


February 17th 

Traditional Weapons Testing (open to all ranks)  

February 24th

Beast Boy Invitational (2nd Tournament in our tournament series)  



March 6th& 7th

Test Rank promotion for After School Program students (Barrow & Timothy)


March 9th

Color belt & Black belt recommended testing at Dojang BTA   

March 23rd

Seminar ( Point stop, continuous point ITF, & Olympic style WTF)  



April 1th - April 5th

 Spring Break NINJA CAMP!!! 

April 20th 

AAU SC State Qualifyer




May 11th

BTA Grand Championship (Final Tournament # 3 in our series)

May 20th & 21st

Testing for After School Program students  (Barrow & Timothy)  




June 3rd – July 19th

BTA Summer Camp!!! (More detailed information will be given soon)

June 7th

Black Belt Testing (1st Degree and up)

June 8th

Color belt & Black belt recommended testing at Dojang BTA