Master Dr. David Barnett

Master Dr. David Barnett is the founder of Barnett Taekwondo Academy. Master Barnett began his taekwondo training under Master Chang Bae Yi, along with his wife Johnetta Barnett, and two sons: Curtis and Chris Barnett. Dr. Barnett is also a proud former Captain in the U.S. Air Force. Barnett Taekwondo Academy was founded in 2004 in Athens, Georgia. Over the years the school has become a pillar in the Athens Clarke County community. 

Over his time as the Head Instructor, Dr. Barnett and the Barnett Taekwondo Academy have been heavily involved with the local community, helping bring people together in the name of martial arts from all walks of life, which was his goal. Dr. Barnett is a international level trainer and coach. He has coached athletes at the local, national, and international level. He helped develop and coached Master Curtis Barnett to his first USA Team Trials at the Olympic Training Center as well as coached Chris Barnett in many of his MMA fights all over the world. To say Dr. Barnett is a True Master Mind would be an understatement, his strategies in the ring and in war are out of this world. 

After serving his country and the community of Athens for many years, Dr. Barnett retired, and has pass down Barnett Taekwondo Academy over to his son Master Curtis Barnett to lead the school, and the school's legacy into the future.