I first had an opportunity to practice Capoeira about 14 years ago during a study abroad in Brazil with Kennesaw State University.

Fascinated with the art, like many, I would mimic the movements seen in movies like "Only the Strong" and video games like "Tekken," but nothing compared to actually having a chance to practice with actual Capoeiristas. I knew the incredible combination of strength, agility, explosiveness, and balance required and gained through the practice of Capoeira would also benefit my training in Taekwondo.

Unfortunately at the time, there were no places that I knew of locally that taught Capoeira, so I had always promised myself that if given the chance to truly learn this amazing art, I would jump on it. 

After my experience in Brazil, I also knew that it would be a program that I would definitely want to incorporate at my school if I ever became a school owner. As fate would have it, through a chance phone call with the incredible Nicolas, we were able to make this a possibility, and now Barnett Taekwondo Academy proudly offers Capoeira classes with the amazing Capoeira Maculelle family every Tuesday and Friday from 6:15-7:15pm.

Come experience, practice, and fall in love with this wonderful art.

Curtis Barnett

Barnett Taekwondo Academy

Tuesday             Thursday            Saturday

7:15PM              6:15PM              1:30PM

Maculelê Batizado e Troca de cordas Spring 2021